Back Pain For Women

which starts off from the nerves, muscles, joints, bones and other spinal parts. This type of pain may be a chronic one or can endure for long, remain in a fixed place or spread to more areas. sitagita offers you all information on this pain at your back as well as low back pain, and allows you to know more about it’s the conditions in association with this pain, its causes, types, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

1. Try to keep your weight gain during the pregnancy within the recommended standards. Doctors recommend that a woman gain anywhere from 25-35 during a pregnancy. If the woman is overweight before she gets pregnant, the recommended amount is only 15-25 pounds. Gaining extra weight during a pregnancy puts more pressure and weight on your back, adding to back pain during your pregnancy.

2. Take warm baths and showers. This will help to sooth your sore muscels and it is also great for mentally relaxing you. At the end of the pregnancy, a lot of women take warm showers. Make sure that the water is not too hot or cold. Really hot water could hurt the baby and cold will not help to sooth your aches.

3. Learn to relax. Many back pain problems during a pregnancy are due to stress. Try some relaxation exercises and breathing techniques to conquer your stress.

4. Avoid standing for long periods of time. Some pregnant women experience tremendous back pain while standing for too long.

5. Apply ice and heat packs alternately for 10 to 15 minutes to your back to reduce muscle strain and swelling. Make sure you set aside time every day to relax and put your feet up to give your back a break.

6. Enjoy the outdoors - a daily walk of 20 to 30 minutes is one of the easiest and most beneficial of exercises.

Tips & Warnings

During a pregnancy, a woman has to pay extra-special attention to the strain she puts on her back. Basically, is something hurts or bothers your back, don't do it.