5 foods that are amazing for your complexion

5 foods that are amazing for your complexion

Take some time off your topical treatments.Here we lists 5 foods that you must include in your diet to enhance your complexion and appear bright and glowing, all the time.

1. Lemon
What do you do when life gives you lemons? You take them! Thanks to the load of Vitamin C, lemons are well-known to naturally brighten skin and lighten the complexion. What's more, their collagen content helps attain a young, wrinkle-free skin texture.

2. Carrots
These orange guys are not only good for eyesight, but instill a bright, healthy glow to your skin. The high levels of beta-carotene and Vitamin A help flush out toxins that damage your complexion. So, incorporate this wonder veggie in salads, dressings or simply eat them raw. Carrots are a killer complexion

3. Kiwi
Not only is this fruit delicious, it doubles the synthesis of collagen in your skin. Packed with Vitamin C, the kiwifruit also tightens your skin so it is less likely to show any wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Give this fruit a big shoutout, really!

4. Eggs
Boiled, poached or scrambled, eggs are packed with nutrients that are your skin's soldiers. They contain zinc and Vitamin B complex, which promote collagen growth and enhance your skin's complexion. Make a vow that you would never, never skip breakfast!

5. Sweet potatoes
It's all about increasing the production of collagen in your skin. And nothing does that better than sweet potatoes! With a considerable amount of Vitamin C, sweet potatoes not only soothe your taste buds but also correct your skin tone. Well, smoothed out wrinkles and reduced fine lines are perks.

Do you think it's time to stock up your refrigerator with groceries? We think it is.